Our mini-tour of Texas ended in Dallas with a meaty-delicious dinner at Filament, a hot Downtown newcomer that has a way with a wood grill. Another successful pairing excursion for Wines of Navarra! An accomplished roster of some of Dallas’s top wine professionals–including wine buyers for a major supermarket chain, the principals for a sommelier-for-hire startup (great business idea!) and an English-born, Texas-based wine writer–all heaped praise on the wines’ overall quality and its uncanny affinity for the smoky grilled steaks, pork chops and chicken turned out by Filament’s talented kitchen brigade.

Taking a more informal approach, we traded out the usual phalanx of glassware for just two stems per attendee; guests were provided with information for each wine, each tasted sequentially between bites in simple alphabetical order by winery and evaluated/discussed by our guests, before they dumped, rinsed and moved on, always being given the option to return back to a wine previously tasted.

There were some real stunners among the impromptu food-and-wine pairings, and the night was a triumphant finale to Navarra’s peaceful liquid invasion of the Lone Star State.