Bodegas Vega Del Castillo

Óscar Remón
Export Manager
Rua Romana 7
Year of Foundation:
Vineyard Size:
1112 Acres
Annual Volume:
3000000 Bottles
+34 948 74 00 12
Phone 2:
+34 673 79 63 32
+34 948 74 10 74
Certified Organic Kosher
Our Winery

Bodegas Vega del Castillo born in 1910 when Don Victoriano Flamarique established the first cooperative winery in Spain named “Bodega Cooperativa Olitense”. The winery change its name to Vega del Castillo in 1999 with the merger of Bodega cooperativa Olitense (Olite), Bodega cooperativa Virgen de Ujué (Ujué) and Bodega cooperativa Vinícola Nuestra Señora de Ujué (Pitillas). A stable growth in national and foreign markets, a high investment on our facilities and due to a team of Young entrepreneur professionals we have positioned our wonderful wines all around the world, exporting now days to more than 20 countries in the 5 continents.

Always staying true to the craftsmanship of our winemaking tradition that, along with the changes prompted by scientific and technological advances have allowed us to provide our customers with outstanding stable quality wines through the years.

Our winemaking tradition goes back to Carlos III El Noble who, in establishing his court in Olite, bolstering its wine culture, multiplying the plantations that, in the long run, will supply wine to his kingdom.

Currently Bodegas Vega del Castillo, we have three production facilities located in Olite, Ujué and Pitillas, more than 100 concrete tanks for the production of wine and a production capacity of 7 million liters per year making us the fourth winery in volume of the appellation of origin.
In Vega del Castillo we are interested in satisfy customer needs therefore we focus our strategy on providing the best customer service.
Based on this purpose we offer under our different brands, conventional wines, organic wines, wine bag in box wines and custom-made wines with designation of origin Navarra.

The great diversity of our Wines came from the wide location of our vineyards, placed in different sites of Lower Mountain and Upper River. Lower Mountain Climatically this area is classified as dry, sub-humid, the soils are of clay and chalk with abundant gravel deposits, and limestone in the upper reaches of the Aragon river. Upper River, it has transitional climate with dry to semi-arid climate. Its soils are predominantly loamy, more alluvial near the rivers and mainly clay or sand in other parts.

The care of our vineyards that reach 400 acres is made on an individual basis under some parameters given by the technical direction of the winery. This diversity of microclimates and so heterogeneous and reach types of soils are distributed as follows:
45% Grenache: Old vines of more than 40 years old, as the traditional plantations of Navarra: Navarra’s rose success provides juicy and fresh reds with exceptional fruit.
30% Tempranillo: Intense color gives aromas of red fruits, liquorices and tobacco.

12% Merlot: Provides structured and sweet tooth Wines, ideal for aging.
6% Cabernet Sauvignon: Ideal for aging because it offers intense color and powerful tannins.
4% Viura: Provides a soft grape flavor and fruity taste.
2%Chardonnay: Elegant Young Wines very soft and aromatics.
1% Muscatel of small grain: A local, heavily perfumed, small-berried grape variety that produces Wines with lovely sweet character.

Charo Moriones was born and raised in Pamplona (Navarra) a Spanish State located in the north of the country, always surrounded by a long wine’s tradition. The wine legacy from Charo’s family passed to her through his father a recognized enologist of Navarra for many years who introduced her and his brother into the wineries since they were teenagers taking them all Saturdays to the vines and wineries.

During her first years in the wine’s world still been a teenager she worked with his father taking samples of the grapes and wines, tasting the new vintages, control temperatures, etc. in different wineries; after finishing high school she started his studies as technical assistance of laboratory combining work with studies. After some years of working in different wineries around Navarra Charo began studying agricultural engineering and made a Master in Enology at La Universidad de la Rioja and introduced her in the enologist work advising some wineries in the way they make the wines.

Since 25 years ago she has been part of the regulatory council of the designation of origin Navarra as member of the classification committee which is in charge of approving the wines that will be accepted under the designation of origin, and been judge in many different concourses in Navarra.

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