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Leyre Cordón Moreno
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Rúa Romana s/n
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674 Acres
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Bodegas Piedemonte, heir of a long tradition in growing and winemaking in the heart of the Navarra region: the historical city of Olite, an incomparable spot to cultivate vines thanks to its outstanding location, climate, and geological characteristics. 

Our name – Piedemonte - refers to the land where our family ancestors grew vines almost a century ago and that was chosen by the new generation members of the winery as a tribute to our loved ones who had such a passion for wine. Reviving the traditions with which they had grown up has made this project possible, which began in 1992 and has now come to fruition with Piedemonte wines that speak for themselves. The awards obtained by Piedemonte wines reflect this philosophy, their coming to be considered a benchmark of Navarra D.O.s

Bodegas Piedemonte’s vineyards cover 235 hectares spread around the ‘Ribera Alta’ zone of the Navarra Designation of Origin (DO), with two main grape-growing towns: Olite and Beire, in the area known as Piedemonte de Tafalla, and Cadreita and Villafranca further to the south. 

While Olite stands in a very fertile dryland area along the river Cidacos, Cadreita has a harsher grassland landscape due to its proximity to the semi-desert of the Bardenas Reales. Both lands differ in both climate and terrain, but they complement each other perfectly to give Piedemonte’s wines a very wide range of nuances.

The history of Bodegas Piedemonte covers 30 years of an intense journey of passion and hard work, a love for work well done, dedication and effort, both in the terroir and among the barrels, adding up experience and looking ahead to the future with optimism. The aim? To continue growing and improving our daily practice through the creation of great wines. Piedemonte is a lifelong project, one of pure passion.

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Alberto Flamarique - Technical Director and Winemaker Bodegas Piedemonte

Winemaking Philosophy:

For me, a good wine is born in the field. Without good grapes you cannot make good wine. That is why it is very important to know the characteristics of each grape variety and the land where it is grown, knowing how to interpret it and capture its essence in the wine.

Not everything you find in the wineglass comes from the field, but the main things do. The essence of a wine is in its raw ingredient. Later, in the winery, we have to ensure the grape’s potential is expressed in the wine. The winemaker’s job is to interpret the grapes’ potential and express it by choosing the most suitable vinification to achieve the final product. Most important is to always respect the personality of the grape that comes from the vineyard, where everything really starts.

Making a wine involves a major artistic component. Making a wine is not following a recipe; it is knowing how to interpret the grapes to get the best out of them. The personality of the winemaker is always reflected in the wine, and that is why no two wines are alike.

I like to enhance the characteristics of each grape variety from each area. I am fortunate enough to work in a winery with a wide range of varieties, production areas and soils that allow me to produce very different wines, each with its own personality.

Taking care of the grapes from the field, determining the optimum picking date for each variety based on intended use and designing a differentiated process combining tradition with new technologies; that is how we get the best out of each of our grape varieties, achieving that wide range of wines available in our winery, each with its own personality.

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