Bodega Inurrieta

José Antonio Pellicer
Export Manager
Carretera Falces-Miranda de Arga Km. 30
Year of Foundation:
Vineyard Size:
593 Acres
34 948 737 309
34 948 737 310
Our Winery

Bodega Inurrieta is a family owned company. The name Inurrieta in Spanish means “área of ants” or “ anthill” and the actual name is located in Puente La Reina, a town 40 km away from the winery. Choosing the name Inurrieta for our winery was tribute to the family Antoñana, current owners of the winery, and refers to the land where their family grew vines almost sixty years ago. Bodega Inurrieta is located 45 minutes south of Pamplona –famous for the running of the bulls every July- between La Rioja and France.

This project began in 1999 with the planting of the first vines and has a total of 230 ha. We enjoy a Mediterranean-Continental climate: Very little rain with most of them taking place in the fall and winter and extreme temperatures with hot summers 30-40 degrees Celsius and cold Winters of 0 degrees Celsius. There are three types of soils and an elevation that ranges from 350 to 550 meters above sea level. All of these details combine with the six grape varieties that we have – Sauvignon Blanc, Garnacha,
Graciano, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah - and the experience of a great winemaker make the style of Inurrieta wines extremely approachable for anybody, from beginners to wine experts.

In general, our white and rosé wines are fresh, modern and floral. Our reds perfume the glass and are silky and very long on the palate, the finest oak endows them with smooth nuances of vanilla, coffee and leather; a perfect balance between the fruit and the most elegant tannins; pure velvet that lengthens infinitely in the mout

Inurrieta is one of the best wineries in Navarra. In a brief period of time, Inurrieta has made a name for itself breaking many topics about Navarra wines highlighting the balance between the fruit and the oak, its deep colour, soft tannins and long aftertaste in the mouth.

Furthermore,Inurrieta offers wines that can be enjoyed by most wine drinkers of any culture. Wines that can not be forgotten easily and give great moments with family and friends. If you give them an opportunity, Inurrieta will surprise you in every sense.