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Navarra Wines Accolades

By Pablo Aguero,


Entries were blind-tasted and judged by 63 internationally renowned tastemakers from six countries, including 20 Master Sommeliers, 18 Masters of Wine, and other category experts. Of these entries, the judges awarded 2,223 medals: 285 Gold medals (9% of total entries), 760 Silver medals (24%), and 1,178 Bronze medals (37%).  Suggested retail pricing of medal-winning entries ranged from US $2.99 to over US $700.00.  Vintages spanned eight decades, with the oldest being 1957.





Ochoa, Reserva Single Vineyard,2007

93 Wine & Spirits

Still youthful, this 2007 has plenty of freshness in its red fruit flavors. It’s juicy with vibrant acidity, showing some development in the complex spicy notes on the finish. A blend of 55percent tempranillo with cabernet sauvignon and merlot, this comes from the clay and limestone soils of Olite.


Otazu, Altar Red, 2008

92 Wine Spectator

Tobacco, cedar and sanguine notes frame a core of plum, dried cherry and mint flavors in this big red, which is round and deep, with firm tannins and balsamic acidity, a muscular wine that’s maturing well. Drink now through 2020. 750 cases made.


Inurrieta 2012 Altos de Inurrieta Reserva B1

92 Wine Enthusiast

Ripe berry aromas are backed by notes of licorice, raisin, fig and chocolate. This blend of Graciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Garnacha from a hot vintage is saturated in feel. Flavors of chocolate, burnt toast, blackberry and cassis are maintained across a deep finish; drink through 2021. Vinaio Imports. —M.S.


Finca Albret, Navarra La Viña de Mi Madre Reserva, 2012

91 Wine Spectator

Espresso and mocha notes frame ripe blackberry and plum flavors in this generous red. Well-integrated tannins support the thick texture, while citrusy acidity keeps the finish fresh. Big but balanced, in a modern style. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Drink now through 2026. 555 cases made.


Inurrieta, Laderas de Inurrieta Graciano, 2012

91 Wine Enthusiast

Ripe black-fruit aromas include earthy notes and a hint of roasted meat. This is powerful on the palate, with popping acidity and hard tannins. A flavor profile comprised of cherry, plum and berry fruits finishes with oak-based notes of vanilla, mocha and baking spices. This is nowhere near its peak; drink through 2027.


Finca Albret, Navarra La Viña de Mi Madre Reserva, 2013

90 Wine Spectator

Baked blackberry aromas are creamy and saturated. On a full and jammy palate, this Caber- net Sauvignon (with a touch of Merlot) is edgy with tannins. Spicy blackberry, olive, herb and coffee fla- vors finish with an odd note of chicken fat as well as chocolate and oak-based toast notes.

Otazu, Altar Red, 2006

90 Wine Enthusiast    

Cool rooty aromas of cola and tree bark grace the nose on this ripe but still not fully mature Cabernet Sauvignon (with 5%Merlot). In the mouth, this is choppy due to sandpaper tannins. Flavors of sarsaparilla, pepper, and blackberry are dense and chewy, while the finish is bumpy and scraping due to aforementioned hard tannins. Drink or hold through2022.


Principe de Viana, Edición Limitada Red, 2013

90 Wine Enthusiast

Aromas of cherry, plum, forest floor and tobacco feed into a clampy palate with fresh acidity. Lightly spiced currant and red-plum flavors are limited in scope but nice, while this tastes herbal and feels tight and racy on the finish.



Inurrieta, Cuatrocientos Crianza Red, 2011

89 Wine Enthusiast

Dark berry aromas are calm and oaky. This blend of60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon feels full and blocky, although bold acidity helps. Minty, oaky flavors of plum, cassis, and tomato are salty and spicy, while this runs long on a finish that boasts a ripe-fruit base.


Finca Albret, Navarra Reserva, 2012

89 Wine Spectator

A thick texture carries ripe flavors of blackberry and currant in this chewy, rustic red, backed by muscular tannins and sweet-tart acidity. Licorice, loamy earth and espresso flavors add depth. Tempranillo and Merlot. Drink now through 2025. 1,022 cases made.


Finca Albret, Navarra Reserva, 2013

89 Wine Spectator

Raisiny berry aromas are jumpy and foxy as well. In the mouth, this feels dry like desiccated fruits. Black plum, oak and vanilla flavors finish flush and full but also tough and intense. Five years after harvest and this is no easy ride.

Principe de Viana, Reserva Red, 2011

89 Wine Enthusiast  

Ripe, raisiny, lightly baked aromas set up a full palate with tomatoey acidity. Flavors of baked plum and cherry are backed by notes of mocha, tobacco, vanilla, and herbs. A long, balanced, cedary finish helps this along. Drink now.


Bodega Otazu, Chardonnay Navarra, 2016

89 Wine Spectator

Apple and pear flavors mingle with toasted vanilla and smoky notes in this firm, lively white. Full-bodied, with racy acidity. Ginger and lemon accents keep this energetic. Drink now through 2020. 6,665 cases made.



Principe de Viana, Garnacha Rosado, 2016

88 Wine Spectator

This rosé has a deep color and a notable structure, with firm acidity and light tannins. Cherry, orange peel and leafy flavors give this character. A throwback, in a good way. Drink now. 24,000 cases made.


Principe de Viana, Navarra Edición Rosa, 2016

88 Wine Spectator

This rich rosé has a lovely texture, round and plush, delivering ripe fruit flavors of strawberry and watermelon, with vanilla and fresh herb notes. Drink now. 1,700 cases made.



Pago de Larrainzar, Navarra Reserva Especial, 2009

88 Wine Spectator

This firm red offers a core of black cherry and plum flavors framed by coffee, loamy earth, and licorice notes, a nice mix of fruity and savory. The tannins are a bit grippy, but the finish is clean. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, and Garnacha. Drink now through 2019. 1,500 cases made.

Bodega Otazu, Chardonnay Navarra, 2016

88 Wine Spectator

Bright, fresh and well-structured, this dry rosé offers cherry, red plum and vanilla flavors, supported by lively acidity and a touch of tannins. Has a bit of fruity sweetness. Drink now through 2019. 2,665 cases made.

Castillo de Monjardin, El Cerezo Unoaked Chardonnay, 2015

88 Wine Enthusiast

Fresh and minerally, melon and peach aromas introduce the medium-bodied palate. Flavors of peach, melon, and passion fruit finish clean and modest.


Ochoa, Finca Santa Cruz Single Vineyard Crianza Tempranillo, 2011

88 Wine Enthusiast

Earthy, leathery aromas are baked, stewy and a touch muddled. This feels round and raw, with acidic bite. Flavors of mocha, coffee, toast, and baked, stewy berry fruits finish tannic.


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Wine Basics

By Pablo Aguero,

An Introduction to Wine is the latest effort by the Designation of Origin Navarra to bring the world of wine to all those who are interested in this exciting universe, especially young people. Throughout the book, we touch upon various topics of interest: understanding the product, wine tasting and technique, the proper consumption of wine, and finally, the past and present of the Designation of Origin Navarra. We hope that this manual will satisfy the curiosity of all those who love wine.


An Introduction To Wine is the latest effort by the Designation of Origin (D.O.) Navarra to bring knowledge about this marvelous beverage to all those who are interested in the exciting world of wine, especially young people.

In a simple, entertaining manner, the authors explain the principal themes related to the knowledge and enjoyment of wine. Using everyday language, and at a level all will be able to appreciate, their explanations manage to unravel the most complex ideas with finesse and accuracy.

This close look is enhanced by the magnificent illustrations contributed by Kukuxumusu, who, with humor, sensitivity and affection, has managed to translate his charming universe to the passionate world of wine.

Through these pages we approach distinct questions of interest, beginning with some specific information about wine, exploring subjects such as the importance of the vineyard, its cultivation through the various phases, the different varieties of grapes, the origin and composition of wine, and the principal winemaking styles. Then the emphasis switches to the process of tasting wine: its objectives, appropriate conditions for tasting wine, the sequence of a tasting, techniques and advice for wine tasting in your own home. The following chapter sets out everything related to the proper consumption of wine, covering the right conditions for storing and serving, pairing wine with food, and the beneficial effects of wine on the human body. Finally, we reveal the past and present of the D.O. Navarra, with its zones of production, grape varieties, types of wines produced and a list of the wineries themselves.

We hope this manual serves to satisfy the curiosity of all wine lovers and sustains -even increases- continued enjoyment of a cultural tradition that has distinguished our civilization for many centuries.

Salud! Here’s to your health – with a glass of wine from D.O. Navarra.


Pilar García-Granero

Jordi Vidal


Grapes and Wines


Winemaking and Aging


Tasting and Consumption

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Navarra Connect Importer Query

By Pablo Aguero,

Importer Profile

Kindly provide us with the following contact information so that we can send you recommendations based on your responses below.

Importer Query

Let us know what wines WOULD BE A GOOD FIT FOR YOUR PORTFOLIO and we will find THE ONES that best match your needs.

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Pamplona’s Top 10 “Pintxo” Recipes and Bars to Visit

By Pablo Aguero,

“Pintxos” are little bites of food made with varying degrees of sophistication.  “Going for pintxos” is part of the lifestyle in Pamplona, always accompanied with a local wine from Navarra.  Below you’ll find the top 10 Pintxo Bars in Pamplona with recipes for the best pintxo from each restaurant/bar, many having earned the award “Best Pintxo of the Year”.


A mandatory stop on the Way of St. James and a historically unavoidable place of passage for all those heading towards the border, not to mention centuries as capital of the no longer existing yet ubiquitous Kingdom of Navarre, Pamplona (Iruña in Basque) has since time immemorial received myriad gastronomic influences from the travelers who have crossed through the area or even chosen to stop and live here.

If we add to this the fact that the region rubs shoulders to the south with some of the richest vegetable producing regions in Europe and with the influence of San Sebastián and France to the north, we find ourselves with a hugely exciting city for lovers of fine dining. It was only a question of time before “miniature cuisine” took hold of a city which, though maintaining its fondness for quantity, takes increasingly greater care with the quality and variety of its cuisine. Pamplona has become an ideal destination for foodies and pintxo-lovers, and this book is a perfect guide for all those who wish to check it out for themselves.

This book, The Pintxo Trail Pampona (Iruña), written by Josema Azpeitia and Ritxar Tolosa, is a guide to 72 bars in Pamplona with their best tapas and recipes.

Buy the Book

Top 10 Pintxo Bars in Pamplona, Chefs’ award-winning recipes and wine pairing










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