Wines of Navarra Celebrating Spain’s Great Match 25th Year Anniversary ~ Los Angeles ~ Nov. 8

By April Cullom,

Thank you Los Angeles wine lovers for making it an exciting visit to southern California, sharing the range wine styles of Navarra at the 25th anniversary of Spain’s Great Match in Los Angeles on November 8th.



The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel, 465 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

  • 12PM – 4PM (Trade & Media)
  • 6PM – 9PM (Consumers)

These producers and their California distributors had the opportunity to share their wines with #NavarraWineLovers in Los Angeles:



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Navarra Wine Lovers Returns to Pierre Loti

By April Cullom,

Navarra Wine Lovers Tasting at Pierre Loti Chelsea, May 20 2018

Thank you to the NYC wine lovers at Pierre Loti for spending a Sunday afternoon with us!  Guests learned about the region, the wineries and discovered their style of wine, sipping their way through Navarra and tasting the authentic Spanish cheeses and meats by Despaña.

Wines presented were from these family-run wineries:

  • Castillo de Monjardin: Chardonnay El Cerezo & Garnacha La Cantera
  • Bodega Inurrieta: Orchidea, Laderas de Inurrieta, Cuatrocientos, Altos de Inurrieta
  • Bodegas Ochoa: Calendas Blanco & Tempranillo Crianza
  • Bodega Otazu: Chardonnay, Rosé, Premium Cuvee, Señorío de Otazu


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Discover Your Style of Wine at Pierre Loti Chelsea Wine Bar

By April Cullom,

Thank you NYC Wine Lovers for a great Sunday afternoon.  Over 40 #NavarraWineLovers at one of NYC’s best wine bars, Pierre Loti Chelsea tasted a range of wine styles from Navarra discovering their style of wine.

We look forward to seeing you on May 20th to taste the new vintage releases and Rosados!


  • Castillo de Monjardin, Chardonnay Unoaked, El Cerezo 2016
  • Ochoa, Calendas Viura, Chardonnay, Moscatel 2017
  • Inurrieta, Orchidea, Sauvignon Blanc 2017
  • Castillo de Monjardin, La Cantera Garnacha 2016
  • Ochoa, Tempranillo Crianza 2013
  • Inurrieta, Laderas Graciano 2014
  • Inurrieta, Cuatrocientos Crianza 2014
  • Inurrieta Altos Reserva 2012


Cheers @wineloversnyc!






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Gracias Chicago! More Navarra Wine Lovers ~ Grand Tasting, May 8th, 2018

By April Cullom,

Cheers to Chicago!

Fantastic show of wine trade and media at the Chicago Grand Tasting of Spain’s best kept secret, Wines of Navarra.  Guests attended a seminar lead Brian Duncan who focused on the food pairing aspect of the range of wines.  The 13 producers shared their wines with local wine trade, media and consumers on May 8th at Bernie’s Lunch & Supper.  The tasting continued with an Escape to Navarra for Chicago wine lovers who had the opportunity to taste their way through Navarra and meet the people behind the wines.

Grand Tasting Chicago ~ Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, Bernie’s Lunch & Supper






Importers, these producers are seeking an importer:

Distributors, these producers are imported in the U.S. but not in Illinois:

Chicago Retailers & Restaurants, these producers have distribution in Illinois:



Invitation to Grand Tasting Chicago 2018

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Historical 2017 Harvest

By April Cullom,

2017, Historical Harvest in Navarra

October 20th, 2017 marks the end of this year’s harvest in Navarra and with “excellent” results.  2017 vintage is considered historical because it was a very challenging year due to the freezing temperatures in late spring and lack of rain in the summer, which resulted in 60 million kilos of grapes (90% red, 10% white), only a 15% reduction based on the past 5 years. The grapes that make their “vendimia tardia” or Late Harvest wines such as the Moscatel Petit Grain were not included in these statistics given they are left on the vine until they reach appropriate ripening.

Despite the challenges from Mother Nature, the results turned out to be much more favorable than initially expected.  This is considered one of the most difficult years in Navarra’s history and many feared the freeze and drought would be disastrous, but fortunately, there were just a few isolated cases of freeze and it was only the summer drought that influenced the lower yields.

Yields by sub-zones break down as follows:

  • 44% Ribera Alta
  • 30% Ribera Baja
  • 13% Baja Montaña
  • 7% Tierra Estella
  • 6% Valdizarbe

Another point to make about this year’s harvest is that it started on August 16th, two weeks earlier than expected, and lasted two months which is typical for the region. Fortunately, the good weather in the final phase of harvest allowed for slower ripening, producing excellent quality grapes.  The other good news is that thanks to harvest starting two weeks ahead of schedule, consumers will be able to enjoy the white and rose wines earlier than anticipated.



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Navarra Returns to Spain’s Great Match 2018

By April Cullom,

Navarra loved being part of Spain’s Great Match in New York City, October 4th and in Chicago November 2nd, sharing our wines and gaining more #NavarraWineLovers.

To learn more about each winery and the wines presented please visit our “Winery” page for more details.

#SpainsGreatMatch @WinesFromSpain


October 4th, New York City

IAC/InterActiveCorp Headquarters
555 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011



Vega Sindoa Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2016 & El Chaparral de Vega Sindoa 2015




Bodegas Ochoa:

Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza 2013 & Ochoa Reserva 2009




Castillo de Monjardin:

Castillo de Monjardin Chardonnay Unoaked El Cerezo 2016 & Castillo de Monjardin Garnacha La Cantera 2016




Castillo de Eneriz:

Mas de Berceo Tempranillo 2016 & Mas de Berceo Garnacha 2016




Bodegas Escudero:

Logos I 2004 & Logos II 2011




Bodega Inurrieta:

Inurrieta Orchidea 2016 & Inurrieta Norte 2015


November 2nd, Chicago


610 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60605



Vega Sindoa Chardonnay Unoaked 2016, Vega Sindoa Chardonnay Barrel Fermented 2016, El Chaparral de Vega Sindoa 2015



Bodegas Ochoa:

Calendas Blanco 2016, Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza 2013, Ochoa Reserva 2009



Castillo de Monjardin:

Castillo de Monjardin Chardonnay El Cerezo 2016, Castillo de Monjardin Garnacha La Cantera 2016, Castillo de Monjardin Pinot Noir El Cerezo 2014


Castillo de Eneriz:

Mas de Berceo Blanco 2016, Mas de Berceo Tempranillo 2016, Mas de Berceo Garnacha 2016




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World Wine Guys Get the Navarra Insider’s Experience

By April Cullom,

World Wine Guys discover Navarra’s long history of winemaking, culinary treasures and its premier annual festival “San Fermín”.

Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen, are wine, spirits, food, and travel writers, educators, and hosts. They are award winning journalists as well as best-selling and award-winning authors.  They are also sincere food and wine lovers of Spain and got the insider’s experience of Navarra during San Fermin, learning more about the region’s history and culture and meeting the people responsible for such wonderful wines and dishes.

During their visit, they were able to get a better idea of the diverse terroir the region has to offer by visiting the wineries in the various sub-zones.  Here’s what they have to say after their visit:

“Wine is King in Navarra!  Whether you enjoy a silky Tempranillo, a juicy Garnacha, or a crisp Chardonnay, Navarra has  a wine that will suit your palate.  This amazing region has a bottle to fit every budget with excellent price to quality ratio.”

Navarra’s long history of winemaking dates back to the Romans, which can be appreciated by visiting Villa Romana de las Musas (Arellano) Fast-forward to the 13th century and we find winemaking still plays quite a role, this time to supply wine for the Royal Court and the Monasteries during the reconquest.

Today, winemaking continues to be important, quite evident when visiting the medieval town of Olite just 30 minutes south of Pamplona, where the headquarters of the region (Denominación de Origen Navarra) is located and surrounded by vineyards.   Mike & Jeff had a chance to taste through the wines of Castillo de Eneriz, Bodegas Escudero, Bodegas Piedemonte, Quaderna Via, Bodegas Marco Real and Nekeas.

  • Bodegas Ochoa (Olite) – Ribera Alta
  • Camilo Castilla (Corella) – Ribera Baja
  • Bodega Asensio (Sesma) – Ribera Alta
  • Bodega Inurrieta (Falces) – Valdizarbe
  • Castillo de Monjardin (Villamayor de Monjardin) – Estella
  • Bodega Otazu (Echauri) – Estella

Of course, a visit to anywhere in Spain isn’t complete until having a long dinner and perhaps the most traditional way to enjoy the array of dishes is to sample an assortment of small plates (“raciones”) and pinchos (tapas).  Here are some recommendations for award-winning restaurants in Pamplona we visited:

Tasting Menus:

La Cocina de Alex Mújica –

Restaurante Enekorri –

Pinchos & Tapas:

Bar Fitero –

El Gaucho –


Bodegas Ochoa, Adriana & Beatriz Ochoa.

The Navarran cultural, history, food and wine experience aren’t over as we approach the festivities of the famous San Fermin, one of the patron saints of Pamplona (the other official saint is Javier).  On the 6th of July at 12 PM on the Town Square thousands of people gather for “Chupinazo”, the official “kick-off” of the week-long celebration of San Fermin, this is when all of Pamplona gets dressed in white and puts on their red “pañuelo at 12 PM when the rocket goes off announcing the beginning of San Fermin.

On the 7th, the first “encierro” takes place at 8AM when the rocket blasts and the bulls run from the corral to the bullring through the streets of Pamplona. If you’re not a runner, the best idea is to get a view from a balcony as we did.

After watching thousands of people run in front of bulls and steers it’s time for the traditional “Baile de Alpargatas” at the Casino de Pamplona where you can watch families of all ages dance and refuel on the much needed “chocolates con churros”.

After dancing (8:30 AM – 9:30) it’s time for brunch “almuerzo” and one the best places to really experience a Pamplona tradition is by getting invited by a member of a “sociedad gastronomica” a private culinary club and lucky for us David Palacios, President of D.O. Navarra got us an invitation to enjoy a typical meal of ham, eggs, and potatoes at Napardi, and of course enjoy more wine from Navarra.   Just as we were finishing up our meal we ran outside to watch the parade of “Gigantes & Cabezudos” and get a close-up view of the throne of San Fermin giving his blessing, a family favorite.



Bodega Otazú – artistic expression. Amazing collection of art and a “cathedral” for their artisanal wines.

Afterward, we continue the celebrations at El Caballo Blanco to join the international group of generations of devoted San Fermin fans –  “Los Amigos de Pamplona” – where David Palacios gave a toast to them thanking them for loving his town, Pamplona.  Now we have even more #NavarraWineLovers.  Gracias!




Long wine-making history in Navarra: Villa Romana de las Musas (Arellano).


Part of the 7-year aging process for Camilo Castilla’s Capricho de Goya.


Bodega Camilo Castilla (Corella, Ribera Baja).

Castillo de Monjardin visit with owner Sonia Olano. The winery is in the Estella region, on the famous Camino de Santiago.


Chef Alex Mújica explains how to make some of his signature dishes.


“Back stage” at La Cocina de Alex Mújica.

Pañuelo San Fermin, on the road to discovering Navarra.

Chupinazo – the official kick-off to San Fermin!


Chupinazo, private balcony view!

Balcony view from Estafeta

Casino de Pamplona

Traditional “Baile de Alpargatas” at the Casino de Pamplona.

Parade of Cabezudos & Gigantes, a family favorite!

Patron Saint Fermin.


Sociedad Gastronomica Napardi – culinary insider treat!

History of food and wine at Napardi.


Visiting the new urban spa hotel Pompaelo with cocktail master Carlos Rodriguez Felix.

“Brindis” with “Los Amigos de Pamplona”.


“Brindis” with the “Amigos de Pamplona”, David Palacios (President D.O. Navarra) and Pablo Aguirre (Bodegas Ochoa)


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Navarra Wine Lovers at Aspen Food & Wine 2017

By April Cullom,

Fantastic three days in Aspen being part of  Wines from Spain/ICEX’s 25th anniversary at the Classic Food & Wine in Aspen, June 15 – 18.  Beatriz Ochoa from Bodegas Ochoa and Miguel Montiel of Bodegas Escudero shared their wines with all the Navarra Wine Lovers.

Celebrity chefs and top wine experts such as Andrea Robinson M.S. (one of 21 female Master Sommeliers in the world) and founder of GoVino Joseph Perrulli, stopped by to taste the range of wines from Navarra.

These 90+ point wines were selected to represent Navarra at Wines from Spain welcome event to celebrate 25 years in Aspen:

  • Castillo de Monjardin, Deyo Merlot 2012
  • Bodega Ochoa, Ochoa Reserva 2010

Wines showcasing the various styles of wines to be discovered in Navarra at the Grand Tasting:

  • Castillo de Eneriz (Grupo Manzanos): Mas de Berceo, Tempranillo 2016 & Mas de Berceo, Viura 2016
  • Bodega Inurrieta: Inurrieta Orchidea 2016 & Inurrieta Coral Rosado 2016
  • Castillo de Monjardin: Castillo de Monjardin Garnacha 2015 & Castillo de Monjardin Chardonnay Unoaked 2015
  • Bodegas Ochoa: Calendas Rosado 2016 & Ochoa Tempranillo Crianza 2011
  • Camilo Castilla: Capricho de Goya NV & Rayo de Sol 2015
  • Bodegas Escudero: Pedro de Ivar 2004 & Logos II 2011

Wines from Spain celebrating 25 year at Aspen Food & Wine

Navarra Wineries present at Aspen Food & Wine: Castillo de Eneriz ~ Bodega Inurrieta ~ Castillo de Monjardin ~ Bodegas Ochoa ~ Camilo Castilla ~ Bodegas Escudero

Beatriz Ochoa (Bodegas Ochoa) and Miguel Montiel (Bodegas Escudero) converting Aspen Food & Wine attendees into #NavarraWineLovers

Joseph Perrulli, founder of GoVino, now a #NavarraWineLover

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La Nuit en Rose ~ New York City ~ June 9 – 11, 2016

By April Cullom,

LA NUIT EN ROSE ~ NEW YORK CITY ~ June 9-11, 2016

Navarra’s “rosados” were very well received at the world’s annual festival dedicated exclusively to rosé wine. Over 4,750 guests attended the 2016 New York Summer festival. Wine lovers from the Tri-State area enjoyed discovering the range of styles of “rosados” from Navarra. There were some 125 Rosé wine labels from 36 wine companies and from 14 different regions.

Navarra was one of the most visited tables thanks to its diversity of “rosados” produced using the “saignee technique from the following wineries:

  • Piedemonte
  • Príncipe de Viana
  • Nekeas
  • Marco Real
  • Finca Albret
  • Castillo de Monjardin
  • Pago de Cirsus
  • Ochoa
  • Inurrieta

img_2330 img_2341 img_2343 img_2346 img_2390 img_2403 img_2416 img_2420 img_2484 img_2495 img_2501 img_2504 img_2510 img_2517 img_2528

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Wines of Navarra at Mediterra in Princeton, NJ.

By April Cullom,


On Monday, May 23, a small but influential group of Princeton, New Jersey food and wine professionals–including wine retailers, sommeliers, events coordinators and even a prominent food-literacy advocate from Princeton University, 13 guests in all–joined Wines of Navarra at Mediterra restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Princeton, for a tasting of 12 DO Navarra whites and reds, paired alongside Mediterra’s “wherever-the-olive-grows” seasonal Mediterranean fare.

Guest reactions to the wines were overwhelemingly positive, with Castillo de Monjardín‘s Deyo Merlot and Bodega Otazu‘s Premium Cuvée the consensus favorites, though all agreed that the wines in general were a lovely fit, not only with the food being served but also with the Princeton wine market at large. As one guest astutely observed, outside marketers often erroneously assume that local residents and Ivy League college students have loads of money to spend, that they’re on the hunt for premium purchases, be it wine or other goods. This is not the case in this very traditional university town, he pointed out, and so many of those marketing efforts fail.

So what what do Princeton residents want?

“Great quality, great value,” he replied. “And [Navarra] wines are the perfect fit.”


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Wines of Navarra at Filament in Dallas

By April Cullom,

Our mini-tour of Texas ended in Dallas with a meaty-delicious dinner at Filament, a hot Downtown newcomer that has a way with a wood grill. Another successful pairing excursion for Wines of Navarra! An accomplished roster of some of Dallas’s top wine professionals–including wine buyers for a major supermarket chain, the principals for a sommelier-for-hire startup (great business idea!) and an English-born, Texas-based wine writer–all heaped praise on the wines’ overall quality and its uncanny affinity for the smoky grilled steaks, pork chops and chicken turned out by Filament’s talented kitchen brigade.

Taking a more informal approach, we traded out the usual phalanx of glassware for just two stems per attendee; guests were provided with information for each wine, each tasted sequentially between bites in simple alphabetical order by winery and evaluated/discussed by our guests, before they dumped, rinsed and moved on, always being given the option to return back to a wine previously tasted.

There were some real stunners among the impromptu food-and-wine pairings, and the night was a triumphant finale to Navarra’s peaceful liquid invasion of the Lone Star State.



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Wines of Navarra at AF+W Social Hour.

By April Cullom,

The Madison, 307 W 5th St, Austin, TX. Friday, April 22.

While the rain-saturated grounds of Austin’s Auditorium Shores and Republic Square Park forced the unfortunate cancellation of all outdoor programming at this year’s Austin Food + Wine Festival, Friday night’s indoor Social Hour, held at The Madison Bar in Downtown Austin, proceeded as planned, with Navarra the sole wine being poured at the event.

With DO Navarra wines displayed and poured at two bars, and servers passing glasses of wine throughout the expansive room, some 250 attendees sampled 19 different wines all night, tasting a little slice of northern Spain while a local DJ kept the records spinning, a vibrant and youthful vibe permeating the scene.

Social Hour20160422_19003020160422_183855


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Wines of Navarra at Bullfight Restaurant in Austin

By April Cullom,

The show must go on, as they say…Despite the disappointing news that the Austin Food+Wine Festival would be cancelled this year due to inclement weather, on Thursday, April 21 we went ahead anyway with our planned trade dinner at one of the hottest new eateries to open in Austin in the past year: North Austin’s Bullfight Restaurant.

And it’s a good thing we did! Seated outside on a gorgeous evening (before the storm), our cozy group of nine Texas wine professionals enjoyed an array of ‘thoughtfully modernized Spanish classics’ (as Bullfight describes its cuisine), served by an extraordinarily friendly and accommodating staff, and paired, of course, with nearly two dozen wines from Spain’s exceptionally diverse ‘kingdom’ of wine: DO Navarra.

Not surprisingly, there were many spot-on food and wine matches to be enjoyed and much conviviality in the air. As evening turned to night, you’d be forgiven if, for a few moments, you half-expected to see a group of pilgrims wander into the place, weary from a day walking the Camino de Santiago and eager for an exceedingly sumptuous and restorative repast, which they’d find, in abundance, the night Navarra met Bullfight under Texas stars.


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Wines of Navarra in Chicago!

By April Cullom,

Wines of Navarra blew into the Windy City on Monday, November 16 to host a sold-out room of wine importers, retailers, restaurateurs and media for in-depth tasting of Navarra wines accompanied by a four course lunch at the new, go-to Spanish restaurant Salero.   Many came early and stayed late–clearly enthusiastic about Wines of Navarra!

The event was detailed here on blog THE WINES OF NAVARRA SPAIN IN ELEGANT SHOWCASE

Main Course Chicago guest Shrimp course Guests at Salero Exterior Salero Bottle lineup

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Wines of Navarra at The Butcher Shop, Boston

By April Cullom,

A perfect autumn day in Boston’s beautiful South End was the backdrop for  Wines of  Navarra’s tasting and lunch for a select group of wine industry trade. Fourteen of Navarra’s finest wines were paired beautifully with a three course menu created by our host restaurant The Butcher Shop.

“The wines are ideal for restaurants, on the wine list and also as wine by the glass options, as they offer great value to the diners and to the restaurant alike. I really enjoyed them – they have good balance and are well structured.”—Susan Holaday, Foodservice East Magazine.

The guests were curious and loved learning about what Navarra has to offer.

Next stop–Chicago!


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Navarra Wine in La Nuit en Rose New York 2015

By April Cullom,


After our very successful showing in Miami in February, Wines of Navarra took part in La Nuit en Rose New York City, June 25 -27. For three days and nights, Navarra rosados flowed onboard the Hornblower cruise ship while sailing around the island of Manhattan. Over 4500 young guests partied the days and nights away at this sold-out stylish event with live music, dancing and DJs, and of course, plenty of rosé.

Navarra stood out once again with their juicy, round, gorgeous rosados:


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Navarra Wine in Aspen, Colorado

By April Cullom,


Wines of Navarra rocked it at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, where the best of the best in the culinary and wine worlds flock each year to see, be seen and most importantly, eat and drink, in this high-profile ski town in the summer.

The event, now in its 32nd year, is the place to be in June and Navarra was there with a premium spot in the Wines from Spain tent serving 20 of their finest wines to the 5000 attendees over the course of this very fun weekend. The Navarra table even had a surprise visit from fellow exhibitor and actress Drew Barrymore!

Navarra wines featured in Aspen:


*Images (from top to right)
– Inside the tent, near the entrance—our Wines of Navarra table ready to go!
– “Spanish Breakfast” with our neighbor’s jamon #Fermin.
– Wines of Navarra Brand Ambassador Adrian Murcia at our table.
– Jane Walsh and Adrian Murcia at the highest elevation on the Independence Pass / Continental Divide in the Rockies on our way to the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen for Wines of Navarra….
– Lovely Wines of Navarra supporters!

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Navarra Wine at WSWA 2015

By April Cullom,

A universe of wine lands in Central Florida this spring as DO Navarra sets up shop at WSWA’s 72nd Annual Convention in Grande Lakes Orlando, FL in mid-April, offering conference attendees at the industry’s biggest event a broad tasting tour of Navarra’s famously diverse and approachable wines—including stunning chardonnays and rosados (widely regarded as the best in Spain in both categories), deeply layered Bordeaux-style red blends and honey-hued dessert wines.

Visit us at Wines of Navarra, Booth #513 (located in the Palazzo Ballroom) to see why Navarra is often touted as the most versatile and dynamic wine region in Spain today.

Please join us for an informal lunch of Navarra-inspired pintxos and Navarra wines on Monday and Tuesday during the show, from 1‐2 PM Space is limited. RSVP to Jane Walsh:

Navarra Wine Run with it

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Navarra Wine in La Nuit en Rose Miami 2015

By April Cullom,

Navarra rosados stole the show at La Nuit en Rose / Miami January 30 – February 1st. Held at the ultra-luxurious EDITION hotel located right on Miami Beach, this celebration of roses and rosados from around the world drew hundreds of Miami’s most glamorous wine lovers for 3 days of drinking all things pink. Eight of Navarra’s finest rosados were featured from wineries Otazu, Monjardin, Inurrieta, Camino del Villar, Campos de Enanzo, Sarria and Azul y Garanza.

Navarra Wine Run with it
Navarra Wine Run with it

Check the gallery images of this event

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Navarra Wine’s ‘Run with it!’ campaign visits Toro Restaurant

By April Cullom,

Navarra kicks off its U.S. campaign with an exclusive dinner for select trade and media at Toro NYC.

‘Run with it!’ D.O. Navarra’s U.S. marketing entity, officially launched its 2014-15 promotional campaign with a wine dinner at Toro-NYC last month, hosting a small group of trade and press for an informal, seated tasting in Toro’s airy private dining room on Monday, November 10, 2014.

It seems fitting that a wine region so closely linked to bullfighting’s greatest spectacle—the annual Running of the Bulls in Navarra’s regional capital, Pamplona—should launch its campaign at a restaurant called Toro.

But, here’s where the bull—and the fighting, for that matter—ends. In fact, as the wines revealed themselves, opened up, interacted with the food, words like ‘diversity,’ ‘harmony,’ ‘honesty’ and ‘personality’ began to rise out of conversations among the group: in other words, “Aha’s” over “Olé’s”

Toro-NYC is Boston/New York-based chef (and recent James Beard Foundation Award winner) Jamie Bissonnette’s take on Northern Spanish tapas (or pintxos, as they are typically referred to north of the Ebro). Four courses of savory small plates came out in quite nicely measured waves (in fact, five savory courses came out, if you’re counting the passed hors oeuvres before the sit-down portion of the evening).

Eleven wineries from Spain’s D.O. Navarra were represented, each having sent two bottlings apiece, a total of 22 wines. Though arguably a bit cumbersome a number for one evening, the amplitude of options in fact proved manageable, with six wines earmarked as ‘greeting wines’ (i.e., for the canapé hour), with the remainder divided into four flights of four; in other words, for each course of two to three small plates of food, there were four types of wine to taste: Call it suggested ‘ballpark’ pairings, if you’d like. The groupings, each wine kind of similar but still stylistically varied, opened up the palette of pairing possibility. It hedged harmony bets a bit, let’s say.

But even more than specific harmonies (of which there were quite a few), the salient ascribable attribute overall that came out of the tasting was, without a doubt, diversity: very much the result of the specific, intentionally versatile line-up enjoyed at the Toro tasting—but also very much a microcosm of the region in general, about which diversity, more to come, including the specifics of the night’s tasting.

Navarra Wine Run with it

D.O. Navarra kicked off its U.S. campaign, Run With It!, at NYC’s highly rated Toro on November 10, 2014. Attended by wine trade and media, the evening featured 22 stellar Navarra wines, complemented by a special menu created by James Beard Award winning chef Jamie Bissonnette.

Download Navarra/Toro Menu Here
Download Media Coverage of the Dinner Here

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