Navarra may not have the name recognition of their winemaking hermanos in Rioja, but the region produces an abundance of wonderful vino. Located in the north of Spain, the vineyards of Navarra span the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains to the Ebro River Basin and the Bardenas Reales Desert. This diversity of terroir and micro-climates makes Navarra naturally suited to produce a wide variety of wine styles – from refreshing whites & rosés to complex & bold reds.

I was recently invited to learn more about the wines of Navarra at a fantastic seminar led by enthusiastic experts April Cullom and Robin Kelley O’Connor. April said that “Spain is about food, wine, and fun” and Navarra certainly embodies this attitude. Known as the garden of Spain because of its exquisite produce and cheeses, Navarra has a rich culinary tradition and the wines are absolutely food-friendly.

From, by Wanda Mann


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