LA NUIT EN ROSE ~ NEW YORK CITY ~ June 9-11, 2016

Navarra’s “rosados” were very well received at the world’s annual festival dedicated exclusively to rosé wine. Over 4,750 guests attended the 2016 New York Summer festival. Wine lovers from the Tri-State area enjoyed discovering the range of styles of “rosados” from Navarra. There were some 125 Rosé wine labels from 36 wine companies and from 14 different regions.

Navarra was one of the most visited tables thanks to its diversity of “rosados” produced using the “saignee technique from the following wineries:

  • Piedemonte
  • Príncipe de Viana
  • Nekeas
  • Marco Real
  • Finca Albret
  • Castillo de Monjardin
  • Pago de Cirsus
  • Ochoa
  • Inurrieta

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